Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Splish splosh screen prints

Today i've been getting nice and messy down the Print club in Dalston preparing my piece for the up coming Blisters show. I managed to sneek a peek at some of the other artists prints, and i'm definitely getting down early doors to pick me up some bargains! Thanks Rose, Fred and Isma(sp?) - I will be back!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Platform 21 = Checking Reality, Amsterdam

I just returned from Amsterdam, where we launched Doodlearth at Platform 21 -"a real show about the virtual world". We made GPS satellite drawings in the park with Jeremy Wood, who uses GPS technology to ‘draw on the landscape’ as if he were a pencil line on a sheet of paper. Its harder than it looks! (www.gpsdrawing.com).

In the evening I introduced Doodlearth and invited people to start the 6 week installation, which any one can take part in if they're over in Amsterdam this Summer. The space is incredible and is hosts lots of creative lectures and workshops, check out www.platform21.nl