Monday, 29 September 2008

4 days, 50,000 people & lots of pens

Doodlearth Rocks!

After four solid days and fifty thousand doodlers later, its over, I'm exhausted! We had Latin Americas biggest rock band playing us out and now i need a massive rest! Sophie, Shane and Karl from Onedotzero have been amazing, as have all the event management guys, Gonzalez and Peter et al, it's been the best Doodlearth so far and I'm looking forward to coming back to London for Doodelarth meets Onedotzero at the BFI festival in November. Watch this space!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Buenos Aires gets Doodlemania!

They came, they saw, they doodled! Yesterday was insane - thousands of people came through the doodlearth room all day long until there wasn't a blank space left. By five o clock, pens were in short supply, and I had to run to the nearest shop and get what I could, the guy behind the counter thought I was nuts as I tried to explain that I needed 200 pesos worth of pens. After a quick break in the square eating steak, listening to some jazz and watching the tango, it was back to the doodle where my new friend Airel was keeping guard (he's the bearded dude in the Metallica tshirt).

Saturday, 27 September 2008

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Hundreds of people have been joining in, and the doodle is growing!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho its off to work we go!

Victor Gorden Enterprises, Philadelphia

The sign on the door read,"the strangest shop in Philadelphia"! There's more stuff in here than the British museum! Old junk or African art worth millions ?


The onedotzero_adventures in motion tour kicks off today with a huge three day festival in buenos aires, argentina, set to be our biggest ever event with over 50,000 people expected!
Taking over the historical centro cultural recoleta are playful interactive installations and exhibitions from international artists quayola, doodlearth, tenori-on, patrick bergeron, area3, corby + baily, and from argentinean artists including gazz, punga visual consorico, dgph, biopus and christian wloch.
This will be the world premiere for onedotzero's internationally curated programmes including wow+flutter 08, wavelength 08, extended play 08, as well as special compilations such as advanced beauty curated by universal everything, a studio aka retrospective, and citystates - a creative exploration of the modern metropolis.
An exhilarating line up of live audiovisual and music talent throughout the venue presents exciting local talent and headline acts hexstatic [uk], peter, bjorn and john [sweden] and mole [argentina] in collaboration with martin philips [usa/uk]. There will also be in-depth artist presentations and talks over the weekend.

You can follow the event on the blog

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Doodlearth at Onedotzero Buenos Aires

If you happen to be in Argentina over the next few days, come along to the onedotzero festival in the Recoleta Cultural centre, where im hanging out drawing with local artists for the Buenos Aires leg of Doodlearth. I'll be posting lots more pictures of the event as the days go by. The folks from onedotzero are keeping a blog

The Times

I did this on my first week in New York city, aching to go out and have fun i had to control my urges. This was supposed to be in last weeks paper but it got delayed. It for an article in the travel section of the Saturday Times about a trip up the Amazon.

New York sketch book

"If you aint got no money take your broke ass home!"