Thursday, 16 August 2007

KFC 'Hunger Strikes' GAME

I've just finished this fun project for KFC


Its fun and quite addictive.

KFC launches Big Daddy Box Meal viral
by Hayley Pinkerfield Revolution UK 17-Aug-07, 10:55

LONDON - KFC has extended its communications digitally for the first time, using a viral game to target the youth market.

The game, Hunger Strike, has been created by BBH to promote the launch of the Big Daddy Box Meal, positioned as ‘the ultimate way to keep hunger at bay’. BBH’s Content team was briefed to support TV and poster advertising with a ‘fun, irreverent and highly engaging’ digital game that would appeal to 16-to 24-year-olds.

“It is a great example of a brand understanding that they now have to give more than take when engaging consumers,” said Mark Boyd, creative director and head of content, BBH.
Gameplay has been designed to be simple, yet addictive. Players have to keep the enemy, Hunger, from reaching its pre-determined destination, armed with ingredients from a Big Daddy Box Meal.

Lidija Davidson, KFC brand director, said: “At KFC we are always looking for ways in which our communications can engage with our audience in fresh and interesting ways. We’re really excited to extend beyond our core activity with this game.”

Hunger Strike is available on and will be seeded across a number of UK web sites by T-Viral. The game was produced through Naked Penguin boy.